I was so thankful that Shannon was able to get me on a Supplement before underwriting took place. I have a chronic health condition which has been leaving me with thousands of dollars in medical expenses, I had no idea I could get a supplement without having my personal health records looked at the first 6 months after turning 65  
- Donna P Coventry, RI


 I had no idea that I had options on Medicaid. When I met with Shannon and she told me that my Medicaid and Medicare meant that I had multiple options in health coverage I was shocked at how many additional benefits I was missing out on all along! I now have dental, hearing and vision benefits as well as ! Before joining my new plan i was spending my own money on my vitamins, first aid, pain relivers etc. Now I get to shop on over the counter products up to $300 every three months wiith no out of pocket costs  
- Dawn J Coventry, RI


 Shannon is surely someone I can trust. Due to my disability, I am unable to easily commute, Shannon came to me to review my health coverage. After reviewing my situation she told me there was nothing she recommends I change. I was relieved to know that she felt I was in the most suitable plan and felt better knowing she would come back next year to review again.  
- Stephen G Warwick, RI


 Shannon goes above and beyond. She never makes me feel rushed or that any of my questions are not important.  
- Julia G, Coventry, RI


 I am so thankful that Shannon broke down my barrier to getting the health care I need. I do not have transportation to and from the Doctors without having to use public transit or medical transportation management (MTM) which is unorganized, and you have to schedule your ride with 48 hours' notice. Shannon got me on a plan that provides transportation for me to and from my primary care doctors with same day appointment visits. Now I don't have to wait for a ride, walk long distances from a bus route or stay home sick without care because I can't afford a ride.  
- Maureen E, North Kingstown RI